Acquisition Strategy

  • Acquire state-of-the-art, licensed medical facilities that through their technology and design enhance the quality of care provided and improve clinical outcomes for patients
  • Target facilities that are built and adapted to contemporary best healthcare practices
  • Target the “factory” where core medical procedures are delivered, not the discretionary or non-critical healthcare real estate where peripheral tasks or office rents are supporting the asset
  • Lease each facility to a single, local market leading medical provider that has sustained and is successfully managing an excellent clinical and business practice
  • Focus on practice types that are highly dependent on their purpose-built real estate to deliver core medical procedures, such as cardiovascular treatment, cosmetic plastic surgery, eye surgery, gastroenterology, oncology treatment and orthopedics
  • Originate the majority of our investments by working directly with the operating medical providers in our target markets

We believe that healthcare facilities with the following technological and design characteristics

  • Create value by negotiating new leases rather than acquiring leased fee returns via acquisition of already rented healthcare facilities
  • Lease the facilities under long-term triple-net leases with contractual rent escalations
  • Efficiently and rapidly grow our portfolio to drive economies of scale and diversification
  • State-of-the-art intensive care and operating room equipment and imaging technology
  • Efficient and contiguous patient treatment space for imaging, pre-operation, surgery, post-surgery and recovery phases of care
  • State-of-the-art infection control materials in patient treatment room surfaces
  • Specialized sub-micron filtration HVAC in operating rooms
  • High capacity and modern back-up emergency power generation
  • Highly durable and energy efficient internal and external construction materials, including membrane roofing
  • Fiber optic cabling incorporated in initial construction
  • Distinguish us from our peers